MA Secretary of State

Secretary of State

The Massachusetts Secretary of State is a free search where you can search by business or owner name. The filings are also free to view.


Mass Courts

This is Massachusetts’ one stop resource for all court case search. However, it has it’s drawbacks. You have to search county by county and by different types of cases. Also, to get the case docs, you usually have to email and request it from the clerk.

MA Professional License Search

Professional License Search

This is an search allows you to search all professional licenses past and present in MA. Make your search open or specific.

Massachusetts Contractor Search

MA Contractor Search

Much like the professional license search, but for contractors. Search by name and / or company.

OCPF – Political Contributions

Search by Massachusetts candidates or even for contributors to those candidates. The amount of information you can get on a person is crazy! Date of contribution, contributor’s name and address, amount given, recipient’s name, occupation and employer.