AI For Investigators

This course is made to be practical and easy to follow. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to boost their investigative skills with the help of modern AI technology. By the end of the course, you’ll have a whole new set of tools and techniques that can totally change the way you do your investigations.

The Ultimate FOIA Course

In this course, you’ll discover the incredible potential of FOIA to reveal hidden information on individuals. We’ll delve into how to obtain police reports, dispatcher logs, and complaints submitted to public bodies such as libraries. These resources can provide invaluable insights into the lives and activities of people you’re investigating.

The Art of Crafting Online Profiles for Investigations

Beyond profile creation, this course delves into the tactics and methodologies essential for successful social media investigations. You’ll learn to navigate the digital landscape with precision, leveraging your profiles to uncover critical information while maintaining a veil of anonymity.

PACER – An Investigator’s Dream

PACER stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records. This course is for anyone that wants to have a better understanding of the PACER system and how to utilize it for access to federal criminal records, civil case filings, bankruptcies and more.

How to Conduct a Bank Locate Investigation

This course will combine on screen tutorials with several lectures to teach you how to conduct a bank locate investigation. We’re going to talk about traditional and non-tradition methods to find where someone banks.